Parish Notes – August Has Begun!

Hoping that each and everyone of you is well!
We are in our last week with the campers at Lake Delaware Boys Camp. Today is the Olympics! Great Spirit and Fun happening! This coming Sunday, August 9th we shall say goodbye to our campers and begin the process of cleaning and putting LDBC away for another year. My husband always compares it to the movie “Brigadoon” – the story of a mythical village that appears for only one day every one hundred years and then disappears.  I have attached a picture taken of the early morning mist hanging over the boys tents as our Pug, Ernie awaits for the boys to wake up and begin their day!

This Sunday at St. Peter’s – our good friend, Lesley Adams will be G uest Preacher and Celebrant. Vestry Greeter=Eileen Cooley. Ushers: Dorothy Marino & Linda Prater; Chalice Bearers: Eileen Cooley & Joe Marino; Acolyte: Richard Lawson; Lectors: Dave Knitter & John Johnson; Prayers: Dori Crawford; Counters: Dorothy Marino & Nancy Warder; Flower Deliverer: Dianne Reid.

I hope you enjoy the two readings from SSJE that I have included below. They both touch on our human relationships and give us a nudge to be in the presence of our family and friends.


It is only in true friendship that we can know and be known in ways tha t heal our sorrows and multiply our joys. Such friendship takes hard work and a level of emotional commitment not often found on a computer keyboard. While a computer may help to nurture such a friendship over long distances, it cannot replace the “face-time” that true friendship requires.-Br. James Koester-Society of Saint John the Evangelist


We do well to listen first before we define or deduce what God is doing in and with someone else. Before we speak, there’s often a prior invitat ion to simply be with another person, and in so doing to re-present God Emmanuel, God with them in their grief and loss. -Br. Curtis Almquist–Society of Saint John the Evangelist

All My love, Sue Adams