People of St. Peter’s

Tammy Duckworth

I once was lost but I was found.

I grew up believing in GOD. I never lost my faith. I just took a wrong turn down a dangerous road along the way. That was before GPS!

In my early adult life I dove into sin like it was an oasis in the desert. Sin begets more sin and by then I stopped caring. At that time, I was proud to say that “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll” was my adage. I really was my life. I have a photo album filled with concert ticket stubs, I think I remember parts of most of them. It was all a Purple Haze. All the while, my life was falling apart due to poor decisions, addictions, abusing drugs, being in debt, mental illness, being physically, mentally and emotionally abused by the men in my life. I sure picked some dingers!

After about a decade of that decadent lifestyle, the day came when I actually hit the proverbial “Rock Bottom”. I was so despondent, depressed, crying and hopeless. I was living in a tiny travel trailer with 2 dogs and 6 puppies. I had no money, was in debt, fired from my favorite job, divorced and alone. Through my sobbing, I got down on my knees and I asked Jesus for help. Over and over again I asked for forgiveness, guidance, and to be shown a way out.

Well, lo and behold, GOD reached down and pulled me up, right then and there! I clearly remember the moment, the light, aurora, and the uplifting of my heart. I no longer wanted to do drugs, or hang around so called friends who did drugs. I felt the need to apologize to my ex-boss.

Things were not all completely rosey after I was saved, but I was on my way. It took time and effort to change. It was prayer, prayer, and more prayer that saved my soul and life. It took a long time to dig myself out of that hole I dug, but since then, I have covered it up and am now planting flowers around it! I believe my experience helps me to help others who may have made wrong choices, or be in poor circumstances. We are all GOD’S children. Thanks be to GOD.