People of St. Peter’s

The people of St Peter’s are individuals with diverse backgrounds who’ve chosen to come together to connect and share our faith together.   Hear some of their stories.

  • Erica LaRussa

    As a child, my parents made sure our family attended church sometimes on Sundays and always on holidays. We took part in Christian Education classes and made our sacraments. I owned a Bible (though rarely opened it). I memorized the prayers I was supposed to and could recite them. I was taught that Jesus was born a miracle of the Virgin Mary and was the Son of God; that he died on a cross for my sins and then rose Read more »
  • Dave Galleher

      I was born on Dec 25th, 1944 in Norwalk, Conn.  As I was very young at the time, I have little or no memory of the event.  I’m told it was 830 in the morning and I was very little trouble, a situation which I am sure changed in relatively short order.  I grew up in various locations around the eastern portion of the US.  We were nomads as my dad searched for the ‘perfect’ job, a goal he Read more »
  • Tammy Duckworth

    I once was lost but I was found. I grew up believing in GOD. I never lost my faith. I just took a wrong turn down a dangerous road along the way. That was before GPS! In my early adult life I dove into sin like it was an oasis in the desert. Sin begets more sin and by then I stopped caring. At that time, I was proud to say that “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll” was my Read more »