Worship Volunteers

You’re invited to serve the Lord!   St. Peter’s Church has many opportunities to serve and volunteer with the parish and its ministries.  Volunteers for worship are at the core of what we do.

Volunteers are welcome to serve during our worship in a variety of ways.

Worship Volunteers During the Service

  • Ushers – Welcome guests before the service, hand out programs, collect the offerings, and dismiss aisles for Holy Communion.
  • Chalice Bearers – Bring up the gifts prior to Holy Communion.
  • Acolytes – Typically boys and girls who serve on the Altar during the service. Carry the cross, candles, help with Communion, etc.
  • Lectors – Read the scripture for the service.  Two readings are presented each service.
  • Prayer Reader– Volunteer reads the prayers of the people during the service.
  • Counter – Count the collection offerings after the service.
  • Nursery – Volunteer to watch small children during the 10:00 am service.

Worship Volunteers Who Serve Before and After Service:

  • Heavenly Hosts – Volunteers help prepare our weekly coffee hour offerings.  Find out more 
  • Altar Guild – Days prior to the service, volunteers prepare all the materials and linens for worship.  Find out more.
  • Christian Education for Children – Volunteers serve as leaders for our youth Christian Education.  Find out more.

To sign up for any of these opportunities, contact Sue Adams, Church Administrator.