Heavenly Hosts

What is “Heavenly Hosts”?

By Roberta Leu, Heavenly Hosts Ministry Leader

We at St. Peters love to enjoy the company of fellow St. Peterites and we LOVE to snack.   After attending the Sunday Service each week our children attend Sunday School classes.   Adults gather in our hall to have coffee, tea, snacks and visit until “adult forum class“ begins.

About 6 years ago we were trying to figure out a way to organize ourselves and keep the snacks coming every week.  We put several suggestions together and formed a group of teams to share in the work each Sunday.

How to Get Involved

To become a Heavenly Host you just need to let anyone know that you are interested.  Currently, Roberta Leu  will happily add your name to the roster,  inform one of the current team leaders of your interest, and you will be welcomed. Team leaders will send out an email to remind its members of your upcoming obligation. They also can learn who will help before church to set up and who will help after to clean up and load the dishwasher.

What’s Expected?

  • There are 5 Heavenly Host Teams. Each week one team takes responsibility for snacks.
  • With 5 teams, you will only be asked to bring something once every 5 weeks.
  • The team leader will send an email to all its members to remind them. You can also see your team listed on the monthly published St. Peters Church Calendar.
  • There is no requirement for “fancy baking”. Some people like to have the chance to bake from scratch and enjoy those forbidden calories. So they take the opportunity to share home baked on the week their team hosts, others bring doughnuts, home baked or store bought cookies, crackers/cheese, fruit, deviled eggs—-you choose.  
Easter Sunday and Christmas Weekend

Easter Sunday and the Sunday close to Christmas are covered by Roberta from monies collected to replenish coffee, tea, juice, creamer, and all paper products used each week.