Altar Guild

Helping Prepare for Our Worship Services

By Judith Wethey, Altar Guild Leader

The Altar Guild plays an important role in our community at St. Peters.  Altar Guild volunteers help prepare our church for Sunday worship, lead holiday decorating, and deliver altar flowers to individuals after the service.

What’s Expected?

There are three key areas of the work that the Altar Guild does: preparing the materials for Sunday worship; Preparing and Delivering Altar Flowers; and Decorating the sanctuary for Christmas and Easter.

Altar Preparation
  • Altar Guild Volunteers typically rotate weekly. Each week one volunteer takes responsibility for preparing the altar. They visit the parish on Friday or Saturday to get everything ready.
  • Currently there are 4-5 volunteers who rotate weekends so one is only be asked to bring prepare materials every 4-5 weeks.
  • Volunteers prepare the linens, candles, and chalice materials by making sure they’re washed, out, and ready for the service.
  • The linens are also taken for dry-cleaning by members of the Altar Guild.
Altar Flowers
  • On some occasions altar flower donors ask to have the flowers delivered to needy individuals or shut-ins. Members of the Altar Guild help arrange flower delivery and occasionally help deliver flowers after the Sunday services are complete.
  • The Altar Guild Leader arranges the flower donations at the beginning of the year.
Decorate for Holidays:  Christmas and Easter
  • The Altar Guild Members also help prepare or organize decorations for the church sanctuary for our major holidays. The Guild leads the efforts to transform our church for these important worship days on Christmas and Easter.
  • While the Guild leads, the entire parish usually participates in decorating the Sanctuary. Helpers are always welcome.

Please Get Involved!

The Altar Guild is always happy to welcome new helpers.  To volunteer for the Altar Guild, please contact Judy Wethey at (315) 789-8757.