Vestry and Lay Leaders


Don Will, Wardens of the Vestry
Robert McCarthy, Wardens of the Vestry
Carrie Bleakley
Kirsten Burrall
Brent Cooley
Halle Stevens
Judy Lerch
Brian Nault
Inger Rothpearl
Jared Slusser
Max Whelan
Clerk of the Vestry: Karen Osburn 

Bob McCarthy (Ex-Officio, Finance Committee Chair)

Lay Ministry Leaders

Sharon Arthur, Stewardship Committee Co-Chair
Jamie Slusser, Stewardship Committee Co-Chair
Eileen Cooley, Cooking Matters
Mindy Foster, Pastoral Commission
Pam and CB Edgar, Order of St. Luke
Judy Lerch, Rankine Guild
Roberta Leu, Heavenly Hosts
Judy Wethey, Altar Guild